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Well, School seems very -LONG- this week, but I think it's just cause I actually have sumthing to do this weekend! 2 of my bff's Jessie (blondie_6) and Keisha (_beautiful_08) are comin home w/ me Friday, and we're goin to my boyfriend's bball game,and Jess is stayin wit me all weekend, cause her rents are gone. and then Saturday is mine and my bf's 5 month anniversary!!hehe* We prolly won't get to go newhere, since he's grounded, but oh well...

Well, I'm grounded, and really bored, so I just thought I'd let ya'll know how things are doin*
Luv yuns'

..:*Katie *&* Andrew*:.. ..:*o8.15.o4*:..
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