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am i t00 h0tt?

Here's my app..

Basic Information

Name- Jenn
School- LF Addington
Today's Date- 1/22/05
Sex- Female
Where do you live- Norton VA
Sexual Preference- Straight
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend(pic would be great)- Boyfriend-- Chase <33


Colour- Black
Store- Hot topic
Item of Clothing- My Black Pants <333
Food- French Fries =)
Drink- Green Tea
Animal- Frog
Movie- Se7en, Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice In Wonderland
Actress or Actor- Morgan Freeman, Jake Richardson
Song- Bleeding Mascara, In Joy & Sorrow, Beyond Redemption, God Called In Sick Today, What’s Left of the Flag, You Can Kill the Protest but You Cant Kill the Protestor
Season- Fall/Winter
Gum- BubbleYum
Pattern- Plaid


1- Jesus Christ
2- Church
3- Guitar
4- Music
5- Black Clothes
6- Eyeliner
7- HIM/Ville Valo
8- Chase
9- My Loyal Friends
10- Wrist Bands


Bush or Kerry?- Bush because I dont believe in gay rights or abortion (Like Kerry) & Bush dont care to pray in a time of need
Love- Dont go looking for love in a hurry youll get your heart broken... just wait and love will find you.
Money- Money is what makes people shallow
Celebritys I don’t know them personally, so what can I say? I like some of them & others I don’t.
Beauty Beauty means different things to different people. I hate society for making most girls think that they have to be stick thin and gorgeous for anyone to like them when thats not true.
Drugs I think people should be able to do what they want if they know the consequences. I dont think drugs are any different than smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. But I havent ever done drugs myself.
What else do you feel strongly about?-Judgmental, stereotypical people. I hate it when people judge others by what they have or the way the dress.
I dont eat any meat other than fish & Im thinking bout stop eating that as well... I think that if people really wanna eat meat, then they should have to kill it themselves & see if they could do it then. Its sad how the animals never have a chance to live outside of a cage not even big enough for them to turn around and surrounded by killing and death. The animals are killed slowly and painfully either for their meat or skin/fur and most people who eat/wear them dont think of what was given up for them to do so...

This or that

Jessica Simpson or Ashlee- Jessica- I hate the way Ashlee dyed her hair so she “Would look more punk” and I dont think she can’t sing to save her life...
Ashley Olsen or Mary-Kate- Mary Kate
Paris or Nicky Hilton- Which one is the whore again?
Abercrombie or Hollister- Never been in either... sorry.
Eyeliner or Mascara- Eyeliner <333
What is you current occupation- Student
What do you want to be when you grow up, detail n explain- Psychiatrist.. I give a lot of advise to other people and enjoy doing it.. I would like to talk to people all day and be able to make a living of it. I think it would be cool to have a chance to see how many others think and help em.
Why do you think we should let you become a member of this community?- I think I’m different than most people in this community and it would be a nice change to have more diverse members. I see myself as down-to-earth & I would try my best to stay an active member.

Pictures, 2 face shots, 1 body shot and 3 random fun ones you like.

Alrighty... Im sorry if these pics aint good enough... I have more recent ones that need to be developed, so I’ll post them as soon as I can.

my lil sisters thumb was in the pic... sorry bout that, but I'm the one holding the guitar...
i didn’t kno the pic was being taken...
and this is the last one for now-- i’m the idiot on the very right
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