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Hey, i have been like really in-active sorry about that but we have had mid-terms all week and they were fricken hard.
On one of the half days, me and my friend Jess went a little crazy with my camera phone. They are like all really random. And we were walking around in the cold for 3 hours, so we arnt hott yet. so sorry about that lol. I feel like posting random pictures, so here it goes hah.

*you will probably be going "What the Fuck" when you see these lol, um me and my friends get bored and take weird pics fyi lol.

^I was in Wisconsin, and idk my cousin is a freak and took this picture

^Lol me and Jess, we were a effed up there

^Lol, we were still messed up there

^Me and My little cousin Seth, and my other cousin Maria at a Family Christmas Party

^I like that pic because its the only one me and my bf have together

^Lmao that pic is embarassing. it was the last day of summer before we all went to high school. everyone was there, well dave(my bf) is laying behind everyone bc hes to lazy to get up. lol good times.

well thats enough for now. i have weird friends lol.
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