sunkissedxlove (sunkissedxlove) wrote in t00h0ttf0r_y0ux,

am i t00 h0tt to be a m0d?


Basic Information*


Name: Carmen


School: GCHS


Today's Date: March 1st


Sex: female


Where do you live: Long Island


Sexual Prefrence: straight


Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend(pic would be great): no...single and unhappy.




Color: pink


Store: national jean company


Item of Clothing: different from my app...roll over solows.


Food: chinese


Drink: coke


Animal: cat


Movie: the notebook


Actress or Actor: sandra bullock


Song: your so last summer-tbs


Season: summer


Gum: orbit


Pattern: polka dot


*This or that*


Jessica Simpson or Ashlee: ashlee


Ashley Olsen or Mary-Kate: mary kate


Paris or Nicky Hilton: paris


Abercrombie or Hollister: hollister


Eyelinger or Mascara: eyeliner


What is you current occupation: none


What do you want to be when you grow up, detail n explain: I want to be a doctor and save lives with the medicine i learn.


Why do you think we should let you become the most important member of this commuity? WHy? this needs to be a well thought-out very long question. If it is not more than i say at least 4 sentences then you probably won't be accepted as a mod. So please answer this quesiton into as much detail as possible, MORE IS BETTER!

I really want to be a mod in this community. I really like being able to contribute and have responsibilities and obligations. I love to make banners and would like to try and learn to make layouts. I think being a mod is really important and i have the abilities to be good at it.

Pictures, 2 face shots, 1 body shot and 3 random fun ones you like. No more than five and no less than 3

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