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come and join this community for all hotties

you're hott, come and join this community

thats hott!
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-This is a rating community, we don't just rate how you look, that’s a little bit of what this community does. We rate on your style, personality, how you promote and if you can help out this community and stay active as possible!!

-You must be 14 or older.

-This community is for guys and girls.

-Don’t start drama. Let’s keep it clean.

-No nudity.

-Make sure your pictures show up in your applications. We don't want any links.

-You cannot comment on other people applications until you are accepted.

-Be respectful to all Members and Mods.

-Make sure you write "am i t00 h0tt f0r y0u?" on the subject line (so we know your following the rules), and you MUST put you application under a cut. (if you don't know how to do that look under the FAQs and come back!)

-If you can make the questions bold when you apply that would be nice, BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO it would just make reading it easier

-No promoting in the community if you get accepted, promote in others journal’s.

-If you get rejected you may re-apply in a week with new pictures.

-Accepted members, you can be as truthful as you want but be nice, try not to kill people and bring them down even though, this is a rating community.

-Accepted members, when you are voting on someone put your vote in the subject then tell them why or why not u said yes or no.

-Accepted members, put stamped in the subject when you update...pics MUST be under cut.

-Stay active and promote!

Application is here
Please copy and paste this in our community as you application. GOod luck! :)

*In the Subject please put, "am i t00 h0tt?" This should be in a livejournal cut too! Please make as interesting as possible and show off yours skills in livejournal if you have any! Good luck!